Episode 55: From Fatherless to Fearless with Candice Crear

author best selling author candice crear fatherlessness interview Apr 10, 2024

In Episode 55 of the Let's Talk About Fatherlessness Show, Sean Teis talks with Candice Crear, founder and CEO of From Fatherless to Fearless. Candice shares many insights into fatherlessness through her personal journey of overcoming it and the work she is doing to help others do the same!



While many choose to wallow in self-pity when life doesn’t deal them a full deck of cards, Candice decided to convert her pain into a greater purpose.

Growing up without her biological father, Candice Crear is committed to leading fatherless women worldwide from the road of adversity to the highway of wholeness. This multi-award-winning and international best-selling author gives women the tangible tools they need to move forward. As the founder and CEO of the nonprofit organization From Fatherless to Fearless®, Candice seeks to revitalize and reenergize many by addressing the root cause and eliminating the symptoms. She encourages women to confront their true stories of power and strength despite anger and rejection.

Candice has been afforded the opportunity to speak, write, and advocate for transformation. She sees the growing trend of fatherlessness and the piercing damage of emotional instability. Through her signature B.R.I.D.G.E.® technique, Candice shows women how to pinpoint their pain and use it to fulfill their purpose. Her mission is to be there with them in the trenches while navigating the journey to being fearless. In addition to serving as a vessel for the fatherless, she works diligently to pour back into her community by supporting various organizations.

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Since 2008 we have been leading fatherless families to the Heavenly Father through spreading awareness, creating unique resources, speaking, partnering with local churches, and establishing local ministries.  

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