Welcome to Life Factors!

We started this ministry to help you on your life journey through Articles, Preaching, Podcast, Products, Coaching, etc. 

Somehow God brought you to our site and we want to make sure we get you pointed in the right direction.  Below are 11 action items you can begin doing today to help you start to overcome your past and pursue a successful future!

Action Item 1: TRUE HOPE

In order to overcome your past, the very first step to overcome your past is to have a personal relationship with Jesus or as is commonly know as "get saved".  Have you ever trusted in Christ as your personal Savior?  Do you know for sure that you have a relationship with Him?  If there has never been a time where you made sure of this, then please do not do anything else before you click here: TRUE HOPE.  If you have please continue to action item 2.


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action item 3: begin reading the bible

If you do not have a Bible check out YouVersion.  It is a website and an App.  You can take this Bible literally any where you go!  Begin reading one chapter a day.  Start in Matthew and learn about Jesus or check out Philippians, both great places to start.  It's the Bible...you can't go wrong!  Reading God's Word is very important in overcoming your past and pursuing a successful future!

action item 4: begin praying

Maybe you are thinking to yourself, I already do this!  Ok, great.  But I want to encourage you to change it up a bit.  Make sure your prayer life is not just a ritual, but you are truly having a relationship with God!  Talk to God like you would talk to your earthly father or if you do not have an earthly father talk to God how you would communicate respectfully to your earthly mother.  God wants us to be close to Him!  A prayer life is key in overcoming your past and pursuing a successful future!

action item 5: set and accomplish goals

What do you want to overcome?  What do you want to succeed at?  You will not accomplish hardly anything without setting some goals.  Take some time right now to write out 5 items in your life you want to overcome and then write out 5 items you want to accomplish in your future.  Examples could include losing weight or getting out of debt in the overcome section and in the accomplish section examples would include getting a promotion or learning a trade.  You know what you need to overcome and what you need to accomplish to put you onto a path of a successful future.  Start today!

action item 6: find a church

Do you have a church that you faithfully go to?  To overcome your past and succeed in your future you need to find a church.  Now don't get me wrong, this is not just for you to go to church to check this off of your list.  All Christians need to be involved weekly with a group of fellow believers to encourage, strengthen, educate, etc.  I need this.  You need this.  We all need this!  Check out Church Finder to locate a church in your area.  *Warning - there are churches that do not preach accurately the Word of God and if you want help in finding a Church contact us.


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action item 8: join our facebook community

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action item 9: check out our resources

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action item 10: listen & learn

All throughout our site we have FREE resources to watch, listen, and read.  These resources have been designed to help you overcome your past and succeed in your future!

action item 11: share us!

If you like what we are about and what we are doing share us with your circles of influence!  Copy and past this on facebook, twitter, text message it to a friend or whatever: "I found this awesome ministry that is helping me overcome my past and succeed in my future! Check it out at lifefactors.org."

I am looking forward to going on this journey with you!

Your Friend,

Sean Teis