There is hope for your journey...

Whether you went through a pregnancy or infant loss, both are devastating situations.  But you can find hope through God.  Below are articles, interviews, and resources we recommend to your during this time of healing.

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Joy Comes with the Mourning
By Holly M. Besser

Ministry Partner - Perfect Joy Ministries:

Providing a resource of hope and joy for grieving parents.

Perfect Joy Ministries offers free online Bible studies on their Blog Site, a public facebook page, a private support group on Facebook, and also provides FREE* "Joy Bundles" to parents of childloss. (whether they lost a child recently or many years ago)  These bundles include many small tokens of love and remembrance to provide tangibility to the short, yet very significant, life of a little one - a sort of "hug" from someone who understands the pain and heartbreak they are going through.  (You may find a list of these items, as well as photos, on their "Resources" page, as well as on their Blog Site.) 

Please, contact them to request a FREE* "joy bundle" in memory of your child, lost through miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant loss.  Also, consider ordering a copy of "Joy Comes with the Mourning" by their Founder, Holly M. Besser.