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We started Life Factors Ministries in 2008 to spread hope to fatherless homes.  Over the past decade, we have led fatherless families to the Heavenly Father nationally through spreading awareness, creating unique resources, speaking, and partnering with other ministries.  We are very burdened about this call, and we believe it is why God created me, why He allowed me to grow up fatherless, and why He brought me through it with only a few scars.  


God has made it abundantly clear that this ministry is drastically needed in the United States and that it is time for us to go on a national tour!  Since January I have been contacting churches and other organizations about our ministry, and the result has been incredible!  I am honestly amazed at the tremendous response we have received.  God has told us to "Go," and it is evident that He has been working on individuals hearts before we get to them!  Because of this great response, we have various speaking engagements scheduled all over the country in 2019 and are starting to book meetings for 2020!   Over the next several years we will be traveling all over America!  During our travels we will be spreading awareness and educating about fatherlessness, equipping churches, Christian schools, and future ministry leaders to better minister to these families, we will be providing encouraging resources directly to the fatherless, and we will be speaking messages of hope at various venues such as youth detention centers, prisons, Christian schools, public schools, churches, and conferences.  We will basically be an evangelistic ministry with a specific focus on the number one social issue in our country, fatherlessness.

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One thing we have learned over the years is not to try and go on these journey's alone.  We need individuals to partner with us in prayer and financial support.Life Factors Ministries is a tax-exempt 501c3 nonprofit corporation, and all donations are tax exempt.  Giving to our ministry can be done through standard check and mail to P.O. Box 213, Duncansville, PA 16635 or you can give online in the following form:


One thing we have learned over the years is not to try and go on these journey's alone.  We need individuals to partner with us in prayer and financial support.

  • PRAYER - We have already seen much opposition from the devil as we have been working on this transition. Satan has a grip on this issue in our country. He does not want fatherless families reached. He does not want single moms and grandparents raising their grandchildren helped by local churches. He doesn't want churches to get trained and receive the needed resources to evangelize and disciples these families. He doesn't want us to speak messages of hope to these individuals. However, God wants these families reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! God wants to be the Dad for these families! God wants to set these families free! We NEED and WANT your prayers! Please pray for us during this transition and as we go full-time!

  • SCHEDULE US - Our open 2019 dates are filling up quickly! We are currently scheduling speaking at churches for regular services, family conferences, and missions conferences. We are also scheduling speaking in prisons, youth detention centers, public & Christian schools, colleges, seminaries, youth conferences, pastors conferences, and some others. If you would like to schedule us for an event in 2019 or 2020 contact us here.

  • FINANCIAL PARTNERS - This transition is very costly and it includes the purchase of a reliable truck and a fifth-wheel that is set-up and built for full-timers that can handle the weight of our ministry resources such as books, display materials, marketing materials, t-shirts, and some other items. We desire to go full-time without any debt. Would you consider becoming a Hope for Fatherless America National Tour Sponsor or begin partnering with us monthly? Nevertheless, we believe that God is in this transition and He is going to provide, but we must do our part and ask! *Life Factors Ministries is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible.


If you have any questions, please contact us through email here, through phone at 814-325-0304, or through facebook messenger.