God is my Dad - Pastor David Teis Cares About the Fatherless

God is my Dad  - Pastor David Teis Cares About the Fatherless

Pastor David Teis is my Uncle.  He is my birth father's little brother.  He is a great Christian example and role model to me and has taught me so much about life.  Uncle David preached for my High School Graduation, he preached at my college on several occasions and even preached at my wedding...Below is a video that Uncle David shared with us for our Mailbox section on God is my Dad.

14 Directions On The Roadmap To Thanksgiving

14 Directions On The Roadmap To Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for this year?  Maybe you are thinking: "I have nothing to be thankful for"  Maybe you are thinking: "I have a ton to be thankful for"  Or, maybe you are in between, where you can only think of a few things, but not a lot.

How To Use Your Favorite Sports Team To Be A Witness

I love to wear Steelers clothing.  From the awesome hat my wife bought me for Father's Day to the sweet Steelers jersey my in-laws gave me for my birthday I enjoy representing my favorite sports team.

In fact, I have found that this is a great way to witness to strangers.

What?  Yes, I said that it is a great way to witness.

The world is filled with sports fans.  All throughout your city there are people with the same favorite team as you regardless of where you live.

I live in Florida but my favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers.  You would be amazed how many fellow Steelers fans are down here in my small town in Florida.  

When I see someone else wearing Steelers clothing, or one of my other favorite teams from a different sport or division I say "Go Steelers" or "Go Penguins" etc to them.  Sometimes I just get a smile or sometimes it turns into a conversation.

Other times when I am the one wearing the clothing people will say to me "Go Steelers" or make a reference to whatever team I am representing.

You might even get a conversation started with someone that doesn't like your team, in my case a Patriots or Ravens fan!  Nevertheless, there is still an opportunity there too.

People find community in sports.  As Christians we can use this for good.

The other day I was at Publix (a grocery store) with my youngest son and he had a Steelers hoodie on.  An elderly lady said to my son "are you a Steelers fan".  This opened up a conversation between us and allowed me to give her a tract and invite her to our Church.

So, how can you use your favorite sports to be a witness:

  1. Wear your favorite sports team or look for others wearing your favorite sports team(s)
  2. Make sure to carry Gospel tracts in your purse, pocket, etc.  You will probably be able to get these from your Church, but if not go to the local Christian bookstore.
  3. Look and pray for opportunities for conversation starters with others.
  4. Let God lead you.  In the middle of the conversation or at the end say something to the effect of "it was great to meet you!  I attend or I am a Pastor at ________Church and would love for you to come visit us sometime."  

Yes, it is that simple.  

God wants us all to be witnesses wherever we go and I have found that my favorite sports team(s) open up conversations all over the place.  You would not believe how many people comment on my teams.  

You never know, it could turn into an opportunity to lead someone to Christ right then and there.  God can do anything.

This is just a simple way for anyone to begin witnessing.

Let me know how things go!

-Sean Teis