The New American Patriot: Defending Your Country From Its Number One Internal Enemy

I love being an American! I love my country and the freedoms we have in this nation! Like most I would consider myself a patriotic person.

What exactly is a patriotic person though? Is it someone that says they love the USA? Is it someone that flies a flag in their yard? Is it someone that wears patriotic clothing? What is the definition?

Service to our country is the highest form of being a patriot. They give their lives to fight for our freedoms! They are true patriots that love their country! I am very thankful for all of the men and women who serve or have served in our military to defend our freedom! They are true heroes! I have friends and family who have served or are serving. May God bless them! What a tremendous accomplishment! Thank you to everyone that is serving or has served!

As a person who has never served in the military I have in the past felt less patriotic since I have never formally defended our country. But in modern day I have come to the realization that we as civilians all have the ability to be patriots. Going by the definition of a patriot which is: “a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.” We all have the opportunity to be patriots. We all have the opportunity to support our country and defend it against enemies or detractors.

Maybe you are thinking, “well I don’t know any enemies or detractors so how would I fight?” Great question! There is an enemy in our nation that is literally causing more destruction than anything else and we as Christians have the amazing opportunity to do something about it! This enemy is causing crime, perversion, sexual immorality, murder, drug and alcohol addictions, little contribution to society, reliance on the government, suicide, mental illness, divorce, amongst other things. This enemy is causing called “fatherlessness” and you can read more about the statistics here: The Need.

Does this mean that the fatherless families around us are our enemy? NO! Not at all! It means that Satan is winning the battle against the home and through the destruction of the home our country is imploding! Does this mean that we should look at fatherless families like they are a plague to society. No, that would be completely unChristlike. Christ would love on these families. God loves these families. Psalm 68:5 even tells us that in God’s Holy Habitation He is a Father to the fatherless! God absolutely adores the fatherless.

So what does this have to do with being a patriotic person? I dare say that that the most patriotic thing anyone can do, besides serving in the military, is getting involved in evangelizing and discipling fatherless families in your local circle of influence. In doing this you will be helping defend our nation against its number one problem.


James 1:27 gives us a clear Biblical solution on what to do. This is our combat plan. Are you ready for it? It says… “To Visit”! If you want to see your country changed then you will begin visiting the fatherless families around you. To visit means to “look upon in order to help or to benefit.” God wants the fatherless reached, but He has called us as Christians to witness to them and disciple them. He has strategically placed fatherless families around you in your family, in your community, in your church, etc. Maybe you work with a single mom, maybe you know a grandparent raising their grandchildren, maybe there is a foster family near you. Whoever it is would you be willing to visit them?

If you truly love our country you will begin visiting the fatherless families around you reaching them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and discipling them on how to live for Him! In doing so you might help a child not commit suicide, or you might help a girl not have an abortion, or you might help a teen not dropout of school or end up in prison. There are so many reasons to get involved in this!

Start today by first praying for who God has in your circle of influence and how you might be able to start helping them. Ask God to guide you in who to help and how to start.

Then begin reaching out to them by contacting the fatherless families around you through a text or facebook message, a phone call, or a formal letter. Tell them that you care about them. If you are able to consider sending them something like a small gift or take some food to their home. Then consider inviting their family to something like out to dinner or to go have fun at a park or Chuck-E-Cheese or something. As a caution be sure to never be alone with them to protect yourself and them. Just start somewhere and in some way reaching out to them. These families need and want you to show Gods love to them.

Maybe you are thinking: “It’s that simple?" Yes, yes it is! Will you join the New American Patriots today? Our country needs you!


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