3 Ways to Show Single Mom's You Love Them This Valentine's Day

Hi Fellow Pastors,

Valentines Day is a day filled with romantic love.  But what about those people in your church that don’t have a romantic love?

When I was young I would watch my mom on Valentines Day.  A day that should have been happy for her, was instead sad.  My mom was a single mom and days like Valentines Day were very lonely for her.  My mom was just a normal single mom, but I knew that Valentines Day was still hard.  Even though she typically tried to have a smile on her face, I could tell.  I could feel her sadness.

And the same way I knew it was hard for my mom; I know that it is a hard day for a large majority of the other single moms out there.

Pastor, that is where we come in.  Our job is to show God’s love to these hurting ladies on days like this.  Think right now about the single moms in your church.  What about the single moms in your community?  Have you showed God’s love to these women lately?

This is not intended to make you feel bad, but rather to encourage you to think outside the box.

I have traveled around the country educating Pastors fatherlessness and often the response is, “I don’t know how to handle these families” or “I never thought of it that way.”

I put a video on Youtube a few years ago called “Single Moms: A Valentine Specifically for You!”  I then shared this video on Twitter and here is one of the responses that I received from Amanda Carroll of KLOVE:

KLove Single Mom Tweet2.gif

I am writing this blog post to my fellow pastors because I want you to get it!

Valentines Day is a great day to encourage all the single moms in your circle of influence.

Here are three ways that you can show God’s love to the single moms in your circle of influence this Valentines Day.

1.  Write them a Nice Card:

Just by simply recognizing the single moms in your circles is an encouragement in itself.  Tell them in the card how much you and the church loves them.  Tell them that God loves them.  Share some Scripture with them.  Encourage them with your words.  It does not have to be expensive or really long, just write them a note telling them that you are here for them on this hard day. 

2.  Give them a Gift: 

At our church, we have taken a dozen red roses to some of the single moms and have given them gift cards to the local yogurt shop.  It does not have to be expensive, but something thoughtful showing them that you care about them.

3.  Share our Resources With Them! 

We have a website for single moms and fatherless individuals called GodismyDad.com and there is a mobile app that they can download in the Apple or Google Plays stores!  Guide them to this resource!  As I mentioned above I created a Valentine video for single moms.  If you are unable to write them a card or give them a gift, at least email or share this video with them in some way.  This video will encourage the single moms out there.  Here is the link for easy sharing: http://www.GodismyDad.com/video-a-valentine-for-single-moms-by-pastor-sean-teis/.


As I close, I am curious as to whether or not you have seen our resources for fatherless families?  We have a children’s book for fatherless children, devotionals for fatherless teen guys and girls, and a single mom devotional book.  These resources are excellent tools to show these individuals that God loves them and to help them work through the core issues they are facing on their journey.  Check them out in our store for me details. 

We hope that you will reach out to the single moms in your circles this Valentines Day and if you do please consider sharing in the comments below what you did and the response that you received. 

Have Valentines Day!

-Pastor Sean Teis