National God is my Dad Sunday | What Will You Do to Encourage the Fatherless this Father's Day?


You and your church are invited to participate with us in our first annual God is my Dad Sunday. Through Life Factors Ministries we usually encourage churches to remember the fatherless on Father's Day because it is such a hard day for them, but this year we are encouraging them to remember the fatherless the Sunday before. This will keep Father's Day sacred for the good dad's out there and it will prepare and encourage the fatherless for one of the toughest days that they will face throughout the year. 

So what does it require from you? It is really up to you but here are some suggestions: 

1.) Spend time with them. Have a dinner for the fatherless in your church or take them out to eat. Make it special.
2.) Let them know you care and are here for them.
3.) Give them a gift - some Christian music, a devotional, a Bible, some God is my Dad gear, etc. Check for some great resources! 
4.) Refer them to God is my Dad - Tell them about our mobile app and website - we have some awesome content and will have way more to come! Help them get plugged into this resource!
5.) Begin mentoring them - What a great time to begin mentoring a fatherless individual in your circle of influence, they need you!
6.) Encourage their mom's or guardians and fulfill whatever needs you can!
7.) Be creative - do what you are able, just do something for the fatherless!

*Consider sharing with us what your plans are or what you did! We would love to hear about it!