The Las Vegas Shooter was...Fatherless...Why This Matters to You and What You Can Do Now

What a tragedy that happened in Las Vegas on October 1st, 2017 when a man opened gun-fire on a concert killing and wounding multiple people.  I have many relatives in Las Vegas and in fact my birth father lives out there too.  I have been out there several times and I am very fond of the city because of my family connection to it.

As I was reading about this shooting the following quote stuck out to me from the Washington Post:

Eric Paddock said he did not know of any mental illness, alcohol or drug problems in his brother’s life. Their father was once on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list. He was a fugitive bank robber and rarely around for either son. “I was born on the run,” said Eric Paddock.
— Washington Post

We have seen this too many times... Because of our ministry I have done extensive research on fatherlessness and many times when something comes out into the news I'm inclined to look that individual up to find out if they were fatherless and I would say 8 or 9 times out of 10 they are indeed fatherless.  

Fatherlessness can destroy an individual's life.  Now we don't know what all caused this man to do this horrific action but looking at the statistics we can see that fatherlessness could have contributed to it.  Check out this quote from an Article The Federalist did in 2015 on Mass Murderers from fatherless homes:

How about guns? Two of the strongest correlations with gun homicides are growing up in a fatherless household and dropping out of school, which itself is directly related to lack of an active or present father.

Immediately after this devastating shooting occurred many individuals used it to push their anti-gun agenda.  I personally don't think that gun control is the answer.  People that want to commit crime will always be able to find guns no matter what laws there are in place.  

The root of this issue and many of the issues in our country often is fatherlessness.  Fatherlessness is devastating.  Don't believe me?  Check out the statistics here: The Need.

Am I saying that every fatherless individual will do something like this?  NO!  Not in any way am I saying that.  Those of us that grew up fatherless are not destined to commit such crimes and to have such struggles but our situations often lead us down these paths.  There are many effects that fatherlessness has on individuals and these effects can carry on throughout their childhood, throughout their teen years and even throughout adulthood.  These effects can be erased completely having a relationship with the Heavenly Father through Jesus.

Did Stephen Paddock have a motive behind this shooting?  They will find that out eventually but if he was fatherless he most likely had issues starting at his childhood that he never dealt with and through a series of life circumstances they eventually led to this horrific event.  This happens a lot with fatherless individuals.  

Sure he was successful financially.

Sure he had a good job.

Sure he had some money.

Sure he got to live it up a bit.

But if he never worked through his fatherlessness all of the money in the world won't bring happiness.  Now of course much of this is speculative because they still don't have answers to why Stephen Paddock did but this is where my mind goes.  Did his fatherlessness have anything to do with this?  We may find out someday.

Fatherlessness is our nation's number 1 social issue and the answer to these issues is in reaching the fatherless with the transforming power of Jesus Christ.  This is the only true answer and hope that the fatherless have.  Nothing else compares.  Nothing else can remedy this.  

If you are fatherless:

If you are fatherless please don't get discouraged, you can overcome it!  Fatherlessness doesn't have to take us down.  Fatherlessness doesn't mean that we have to live defeated.  You and I can overcome!  If you are fatherless I want to encourage you to pursue a relationship with God as your Heavenly Father!  How?  Click here for more details: Meet God.  If you know Jesus and God is your Heavenly Father then check out our ministry called God is my Dad where you will find encouragement and insights for your fatherless journey.  Click here to visit the website:  God is my Dad is also a mobile app that you can download in the Apple and Google Play stores.

If you want to help the fatherless:

Imagine with me for a moment if there would have been a Christian mentor or a local church that would have reached out to the fatherless paddock brothers and told them that they could have a Heavenly Father.  Imagine how that could have changed this entire situation. 

This is what needs to happen in our nation.  We need Christians and Churches to reach the fatherless.  They need you.  We are looking for at least one Church in every county of the United States to partner with us in fatherless ministry.  Through this partnership we will provide your church with a starter kit of resources and access to our online training website.  You and your church can then determine how you will best fulfill James 1:27 in your local church and community.     Click here for more details: Ministry Partners.

As we close we continue to pray for the individuals affected by the Las Vegas shooting and for those that are ministering to them during this difficult time.  

-Pastor Sean Teis