Single Mom Ministry: Idea Share

What does your church do for the single mom's throughout the year?

This is a challenging question.  Even for me.  I ask it to you then I think to myself, are we doing enough?  

Good single mom's are incredible people.  I say good single mom's because there are some out there that don't really seem to care much for their children, but even them, even the ones that seem as if they they don't care very much for their children are often still struggling.  Now, I am not going to get into all of the struggles right now, that is for a different article.

Today I want to idea share with you.  I am curious if you would comment and share what you have done in the past for the single mom's in your church. 

I will start it off.  One of the things we have done is buy flowers for the single mom's on Valentine's Day and deliver them to their place of work.  We have found that this makes them feel very special, very loved, and encouraged. 

I dropped off flowers at the front desk of the workplace of one of the single mom's and that night I received a voicemail from her and here is what she said:

Hi Sean, it’s __________. Words are not enough to describe how I feel grateful for you and the Colonial family. Oh wow. Thank you so much. What a surprise. I’ve had the most stressful week this week feeling like it doesn’t matter what I am doing it’s not enough. Feeling, you know that kind of week. With just constant new deadlines and new projects being put on me. Thank you. Those flowers are beautiful. Your card is even more beautiful and thank you. Very thoughtful, I love you guys. Take care. Talk to you soon.
— Single Mom

Now it doesn't always work this way.  As you can probably relate, many times we will minister to individuals and there isn't much thanks but this time it impressed this mom so much that she said thank you!  I thought that was really cool and I kept the recording.

What about you and your church?  What are some things you have done in the past?  Let's Idea Share!  I shared about giving them flowers on Valentine's Day.  Tag you are it!  Write in the comments below what you and your church have done!