God is my Dad - Pastor David Teis Cares About the Fatherless

Pastor David Teis is my Uncle.  He is my birth father's little brother.  He is a great Christian example and role model to me and has taught me so much about life.  Some of the areas I have learned and gleaned from him are in marriage, parenting, pastoring, and how to be a faithful follower of Christ.  I truly am thankful that despite how things went with my own father God gave me Teis family that love me, care about me and have led me.  Uncle David preached for my High School Graduation, he preached at my college on several occasions and even preached at my wedding. 

Uncle David is the Senior Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Las Vegas Nevada.  Life Factors Ministries is a missionary partner of Liberty Baptist Church and it is a tremendous blessing to us to have them behind us!  David grew up in Las Vegas and was fatherless out there for his preteen and teen years.  He went to Bible college and then returned and started Liberty Baptist Church.  My mom was actually his first church secretary!  I love Uncle David and Aunt Anna Teis and am thankful that he is behind Life Factors Ministries, that he cares about the fatherless and that he was willing to be part of God is my Dad!

Below is a video that Uncle David shared with us for our Mailbox section on God is my Dad.  If you are not familiar with God is my Dad, it is a mobile app and website to encourage, instruct and give hope to fatherless teens and adults.  Our mailbox section features notes and videos of encouragement from Christian influencers.  Please tell the fatherless in your circles of influence about GodismyDad.com and or send them to our mobile app in the Apple and Google Play stores!  If you would like to write a note or make a video of encouragement as well please click here for details: Mailbox Submissions.  


Pastor Sean Teis

David Teis shares his story of how he became fatherless when he was 10 years old when his dad died of Leukemia. He talks about the struggles that his fatherless family went through and how he overcame being fatherless through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

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