Duck Dynasty - A Drunk Father, A Single Mother and Fatherless Children

Like most people, I love Duck Dynasty. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Phil Robertson. But did you know that this whole dynasty almost never happened?

I was reading a book by Phil Robertson (The dad on Duck Dynasty) called: Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander. As I read through this book I couldn’t put it down. This story of rags to riches is very impressive. This family is set financially for the rest of their lives. From the outside looking in this family has got it all.

But, it almost never happened.

  • The Duck Commander almost was never created.

  • Phil almost completely lost everything for good, including his wife and children.

  • Alan, Jase, and Willie almost became additions to the fatherless statistics.

  • Miss Kay almost was a single mom for the rest of her life.

Before Duck Dynasty was ever thought of the Robertson family was a mess, but not unlike many typical American families today. Due to Phil’s partying selfish drunken lifestyle he pushed his family away and forced Miss Kay to leave. Miss Kay did what any loving mother would do and took action. She got an apartment. She worked to provide. She struggled. She did her best to make sure her boys would be provided for.

Good for you Miss Kay, good for you! Miss Kay had to embrace the Single Mom Journey. The boys had to come to grips with being fatherless. Phil would be haunted the rest of his life for the destruction he put on his family.

Then something amazing happened. This family got back together. Phil quit his wicked ways. This family was forever changed.

This is very unusual. Guys like Phil usually stay drunks. Children like Alan, Jase, and Willie usually stay fatherless and according to the statistics they often end up following in the steps of their parents. Women like Miss Kay usually become that single mom and stay the course.

So what was the game changer in the Robertson story? How did Alan, Jase, and Willie go from being fatherless to fathered and by their birth dad? How did Miss Kay get her happily ever after? How did Phil Robertson go from drunk to Duck Dynasty? Are you ready for it?


Again, it was God. After the Robertson’s let Him, God took over this family and amazing things happened. During Miss Kay’s stint as a single mother she accepted Christ as her personal Savior and it changed her life. One day Phil became completely broken and tried to come back to Miss Kay. After a series of events he realized that he needed Jesus too and so he trusted Christ as His Savior too. This family was forever changed. Only through a relationship with Jesus can a messed up family become reunited. It happened here.

As I read the Robertson story I couldn’t help but think of my own dad. My dad was and still is an alcoholic. I wonder what my family would be like today if my dad would have given his life to God and then reunited with my family. How would my family be different? How would I be different?

What about all of the other hurting families out there? Imagine if they could reunite through God. Imagine if the many selfish moms and dads would stop their wicked ways, turn their lives around, and serve God. There are approximately 101 million fatherless children in our world today and about 34 million motherless children. Many of these children are motherless and fatherless due to selfish acts of their parents. Imagine the possibilities if these parents would be like Phil Robertson and come to their need for a Savior. What a different place our world would be. What a difference this made in the Duck Dynasty.

Are you a single parent? God cares about you.

Are you a hurting child or teen? God cares about you.

Are you a grandparent raising your grandchildren? God cares about you.

Are you a parent that walked away from your family? God cares about you.

Are you a person that is searching for your purpose in life? God cares about you.

As an individual, God cares about you!

Only through God can you find true hope. Only through God can you overcome anything. Through God you can overcome anything.

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Do you want a dynasty? Do you want to leave a legacy? It is only possible through Jesus.