Yankees Baseball Player Babe Ruth Overcame Rejection By His Dad & 5 Ways You Can Too!

Have You Ever Felt Rejected?

I know I have...many times throughout my childhood, my teenage years, and my adult life.

Feeling rejected can alter ones moods, personality, and actions.

Feeling rejected is the complete opposite of how God wants you to feel.  He sent Jesus to this world so that everyone would have a chance at belonging to the Kingdom of God.

But in this life, rejection is ever prevalent, but you can overcome it.

It took me years, but God gave me the strength to overcome rejection.  Not that it doesn't come up now and then, but when it does God is there to remind me of Him and His acceptance.

Did you know that Babe Ruth was rejected by his dad and put into an orphanage?

I thought this was such a fitting story to share during absent parent month.

In the video below I share Babe's story of rejection.

I also share 5 ways to overcome rejection.


  • Who has rejected you in the past?
  • Who is rejecting you now?
  • Was it a parent, sibling, teacher, friend, pastor, co-worker, boss, etc.?
  • Are you a fatherless, motherless, or orphan child/teen and you feel rejected.
  • Are you a child/teen that lives with your parents but feels rejected by them?
  • Are you a single parent or did your marriage fail and now you feel rejected?
  • Are you feeling rejected at your work place by a boss or co-workers?

There are many levels of rejection, but no matter where you are you can overcome it!

In this video I give practical advice on how to overcome rejection.  You can do this!

Watch the video here & please consider sharing it with others to help them overcome their rejection.  Also, share your story of overcoming rejection too!